Every person on this earth is distinctively different. We are born with God-given talents that enable us to create our own destiny. We have our own respective strengths and weaknesses, as well as unique traits and characteristics that set us apart. I encourage you to “Break The Mold” and do something that’s never been done before.

Since birth, William has been an innovator. His artistic drawings and paintings were nothing short of creative. But through his perseverance, determination and creative mindset, William Lee was molded into the consummate businessman he has become today. Armed with a dream and a fierce amount of drive and determination, William knows that he’s not only called, but called for a specific purpose.

A native of Reidsville, North Carolina, he obtained his education from Rockingham Community College and later transferred to The Art Institute of Charlotte, North Carolina. The skills and knowledge that he gathered from his college career led him to pursue a career in graphic design, launching his own company. However, the fuel to fulfill his dreams came from reading books on personal development, as well as the training he received from elite mentors. His client list includes, but is not limited to, authors, speakers, corporations and well-known celebrities.

William also spends a fraction of his time giving back to the community in which he was raised. Today, he dedicates his time as a motivational speaker, mentoring and counseling youth in local churches and schools. He learned early on in life the importance of leading by example: “It’s not only what you say, but it is what you do. Don’t just create followers—create more leaders.”

He seeks to empower youth and adults nationwide by letting them know that they can overcome any adversity and become whatever they set their minds to. In 2011, William was nominated, along with six other great men, for the Just for Him Affair. He received the award for The Hardest Working Man in North Carolina Award. William’s bestselling book, Breaking The Mold: Why Waste Talent, encourages people to not only determine their talents and gifts, but to maximize their God-given potential. He didn’t let being a high-school dropout, nor the conditions in which he was raised, affect his determination to succeed. He won’t allow you to either.